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Blog: Anyone who needs help with any type of pet!

Need some help getting rid of those pesky ants?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have some solutions that don't include posions, its all natural. Need some help? post!

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hi holly!!
Monday, March 31, 2008 | By KimmyLynn

just saying hi i hope you live on a farm girl!!!! we just moved from a 100 acre farm my kids loved it there!! we didnt have horses my daughter and i both love them welcome to the boards and my daughter thinks you are very pretty she is almost 9 !!!

Get rid of ants!
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | By Kdot

Ants can pick up cornmeal easily and they do, they take it home to momma and the gang. I was told they cannot digest it so 'walla'! You can sprinkle it outside around house and under decks, rain won't bother. Sprinkle it inside the house, won't harm anything/anyone. Give it a try. I even got rid of large black ant hills in my yard! Fun to watch, hehehhee

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heart4horses (Contact)
Sharlevoix, Michigan United States
About Me:

well.....I am 18. Yes I know I am very young....but I can help with soo many things. i have about 4 months left of high school before I graduate! I have five horses, one named velvet, one named, mariah, one named, buckshot, one named penny and one named Ike. I have one cat , his name is Tommy. I have 2 cockitiels (birdies) and there names are pipsqeak, and snow! I also have 3 dogs, one black pitbull named Daisy Duke. one Labrador mix, named trinity. One dachshund named Roxy, there all dear too me and I plan to go to college to be either a lawyer or veternarian. -Holly

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