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What to do with old weathered Fence boards

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What to do with old weathered Fence boards?

I took it upon myself last weekend to make the pilgrimage out to my garage,

you see every time i clean my garage it seems as though the night after ,Gremlins will go in and

mess it up again, (I think the gremlins are a couple of people that I know) anyway, last weekend

I finally got the garage back in order, all of the tools back in their place, five trash cans full of stuff,

sorry environment I will be more responsible from now on,

I came across some old weathered cedar fencing that i have been saving to make a project out of.

Yesterday was the day, I gathered up the boards, I already had and Idea on what I was going to make, So I started, I spent all day in the garage, shot my self in the index finger with my brad nailer, good thing the brad was only 2"long or it might have done some real damage.

Anyway here is what was created out boards destine for the landfill hope you enjoy,

If any one would like some help creating one of these please be sure to email me and I will

help you all that I can.

Until the next time

Keep your fingers away from the nailer.


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Weathered Barn board


Weathered Barn board FRAMED MIRRORS made from old scrap boards


cedar boards
Sunday, September 12, 2010 | By attic_treasures

wow that looks cool

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