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Blog: Hoptownracer's Frugal Tips and Craft Projects

Hanging Organizer

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I made this hanging organizer from reduced fabric, that I got for a dollar a yard.   It is a heavier and stiffer fabric than most, so it is more sturdy.   The only supplies I needed was a hanger, fabric, sewing machine and thread.  I cut two large pieces the same size, and 7 smaller pieces for my pockets.  You have to figure how many pockets you want, what size, as for what you will be using them for.  First I sewed a hem along each of the sides of the two large pieces, then I made a hem along each tops and bottoms.  Then I hemmed the edges of the pockets pieces.  I had to sew pleats into some of my pocket pieces, as I cut the fabric too long.  Then I sewed the pockets onto the pieces, making gathers along the bottoms of the fabric to allow more room.  Be sure not to make your pockets too loose, or they will hang or droop excessively.  I then stitched down the pockets to make the pockets divided.  *Note-be sure to sew from the bottom of the pocket to the top or else the fabric will pucker badly.  After finishing the pockets, I folded down the top and pinned and inserted the hanger.  I removed the hanger and sewed the tops together to make the opening for the hanger.  I then inserted the hanger, pinned the two sides together and made sure to stitch a line underneath the hanger to keep the hanger from falling down into the center of the organizer.  I then stitched the sides and bottom and was finished.  Mine is far from perfect, but as long as it is functional, and I can stand to look at it, it is fine. haha.  I think it would make a good shoe bag,  sewing supplies bag, scrapbook bag etc...  It has freed up some room on my desk, by being able to put supplies that are'nt always necessary in close proximity.

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Hanging Organizer


Hanging Organizer


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