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Blog: Charlotte's Blog about her life!

New Year

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year party, we are hosting, again, with my mum and dad and Mollie and co and Danny and co coming, Bradleys parents have gone away for new year with his brothers family. Jamiee and Rhianna offered to go shopping for me so i could have some me time and write a blog and work on my novel, i did have to write them a list and knowing them they will most proberly come back with a load of things that we dont need or want and nothing on the list thats why I made Caroline go with them. Caroline's boyfriend Paul is helping Bradley and Conner with the new doors. Pixie is the one whose really helping she made a casserole for us and now shes making some buns, i did tell her she didn't have to but she insisted, of course I'm not so irresponsible that i left her to do it I watched over her as I wrote the shopping list. At the moment, Pixie is still making buns, Conner, Bradley and Paul are upstairs putting the new doors on Alex's bedroom with Alex watching over them, Jamiee, Caroline and Rhianna are out shopping (I'm a little worried they've been gone over two hours) Liam, Lloyd and Nate are in the freezing garden playing football and Vanessa is mesmerized by Madagascar and Wallise and Grommet and the wrong trousers. Mollie and co are supposed to be getting here about six i think, Jamiee, Rhianna and Caroline better be back by then or i will kill them! because we dont have much stuff in, apart from proper meals and biscuits and Mollie is a edgier so we have to put some vedgie stuff out for her, no one noes why she is no one else is. Danny and my parents are normally late our family isn't one for time keeping but Mollie is like my dad who is always on time if he gets here early they will wait outside until the rite time, strange child!

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Jamiee and Paul

Charlotte Abel

My second seventeen year old daughter Jamiee and her boyfreind Paul


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Charlotte Abel (Contact)
London England
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Me, Charlotte Abel nee Basnett, I am born and bred in Hull but i moved down to London when I was eighteen. I am a jounalest for the metro. and my husbend is a Football Coach for my son Liam's team.

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