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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

Cutting up Credit Cards..finally

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few months ago, I asked my Dh why do we have these? i meant our two CC's he simply looked at me and said i don't know dear , they are in your name and i can't use them?! How fair is this i thought, i have 2 CC's and he has cash!! and every time he buys something for him self i get upset at him and in all reality i have a balance owing on my CC's every month for frivolous purchases i hide from him. I decided this was enough! and made him cut them up right in front of me. Does honesty run deep after 5 yrs of marriage? I'm not sure but i will say this , debt drags families farther apart and yet we hide things from each other each and everyday willingly. I hope to have our balances paid off very soon and get rid of the dishonest heart i have been holding on to. God bless

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good for you
Sunday, April 03, 2011 | By attic_treasures

I cut my credit cards up too. Now I am just paying them off and almost got them paid off. Can't wait until they are paid off. If you don't have cash you can't afford the item anyway. That's what I tell myself when I am shopping.

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