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Blog: Charlotte's Blog about her life!

Family Party!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everyone had to come to ours to meet Pixie because we have a very big family theres me and my sister, Mollie and my brother, Danny, and there familys. Mollie is married to Dom with two girls, Laura and Emma, and Danny and his wife, Paige, and his three kids, Ruth, Neil and Matthew, and then Neils girlfreind Katy and there daughter, Hannah. then theres Bradleys brother, Jack, and his wife, Rachael, and there daughter, Janet,and son, Simon. Then theres are parents, Jackie and Paul, and Andy and Nicole. Then theres our friends, Alice, Callum, Lillie and Tom. Ellie, Jorden and Miranda. Josie, Sam and Melody and Steph and her daughter Cheryl. Then theres all my cousins! Bradley has no cousins. Then Caroline, Conner, Jamiee, Lloyd, Rhianna, Alex, Liam, Vanessa, Nate and Pixie all braught friends! so there was like a million people in our living room! Uh it was murder!

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Pixie and freinds

Charlotte Abel

Pixie and her freinds and family, Sophie, Pixie, Leigh, Paige and Emma


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Charlotte Abel (Contact)
London England
About Me:

Me, Charlotte Abel nee Basnett, I am born and bred in Hull but i moved down to London when I was eighteen. I am a jounalest for the metro. and my husbend is a Football Coach for my son Liam's team.

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