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Making this Christmas a Frugal Adventure

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I was here today reading about all of the things everyone is doing to save a penny or two, and it got me thinking about Christmas! Every year the family exchanges gifts to the nieces and nephews and picks one name from the hat and buys a $50 gift for that person. Also every year the kids get together and chip in on a gift for my DH parents, but they never expect that we will refuse to pay for part of that gift. In 2006 i was greeted to a very alarming phone call about the gift for the In-laws. PlEASE pay $98.00 for your portion for this gift!.. I was appalled! i never spend that kind of money on any one! so the very next year i set out ON a frugal Adventure, how to make it better!!!

I started to make homemade soaps, and candles and even salt water taffy, i created a homemade gift basket for less than $25 with baking and treats tucked inside. This year i have decided to try my hand at making Ribbon wreaths for the mothers, have bought all the materials for two and it is around $25.00 each wreath plus my time and effort

Still need to get an idea for the Fathers and have no idea where to start!..a suggestion for this would be great!

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4 fathers
Monday, October 18, 2010 | By pamphyila

People can always use mugs & you could put candy or cocoa mix in them - or knit a simple scarf or hat...My hubby loves adventure stories, so I am always looking out for those for him, on - say a bargain table at the bookstore!

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