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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

Save that loose change!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recently my husband came up to me and said gee dear, i found all this loose change hiding in the closet in a jar downstairs!..He had taken out the loonies and toonies to go to the store..! So this morning after my coffee i thought, i wonder how much loose change is floating around that i could roll?!Well as it turns out after fives minutes i had rolled $20 in just dimes alone !!! imagine you come home from the store, dump your left over change from a recent purchase in a empty jar and on a weekend morning wake up and realize hey i had $20 i never thought i had! I'm not even close to being done yet i have a full canning jar (large size) full of pennies and another one full of mixed coin just waiting to be added up!..So ladies and gents grab a coffee and your loose change and lets all see what $$ we can roll up toady!, Good luck and have fun!

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Pennies from Heaven
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | By begonia

And Quarter and Dimes and Nickels. . . ! Kids especially (and some adults) around here throw their change on the ground and in parking lots. They just can't be bothered. I pick up change regularly from the parking lot of the local convenience/gas station here in town and in the grocery parking lot! A lot of change never makes it home to the dresser drawer or the quart jar! Go figure, Begonia

total loose change amount
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | By leftthesanebehind

All my change totalled $42.00 today!..We do gift exchanges each yr at Christmas, and the amount per exchange is $50.00 so i wasn't to far off lots of work though but worth every penny!

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