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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

A Freebie Night Out

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even though we see LOTS of movies on cable, hubby really likes to sit in the dark in a theatre.  He has been longing to go to the movies, but at the prices they are charging, I just haven't seen anything worth the $20-30 for the two of us, if I can just wait to see it on cable.

But a buddy got us in to a screening of YOUNG QUEEN VICTORIA with free passes and we talked to a woman on the line who went to free screenings all the time.  So I decided to find more screenings for me & hubby.  I am watching the offers in the L.A. Weekly, our local free entertainment paper (that's how we got into see YOUNG VICTORIA) and being quick as a bunny to respond to online offers from sites such as www.gofobo, as the passes go very fast!

So I snagged 2 passes to see the new Mel Gibson movie, EDGE OF DARKNESS.  The line went across the street and down the block, even though we were an hour early - & hubby almost wanted to go, but I was sort of enjoying being out on Hollywood Blvd at night in a relaxed crowd so we stayed & ended up getting in - with FREE popcorn and cokes, too! We had parked down the street at the Hollywood and Highland complex, and bought coffees to drink on the line to validate our parking, so the whole evening only cost $2 for the parking!! It was a total break from routine, and a real date night for hubby and me!

Everyone is tightening their belts - and I realize that with my freebie skills I am really getting value out of our modest income! We go to free concerts, movies  - and hear music all the time.  And since I shop at thrift stores & dollar stores, I can indulge in pieces for my wardrobe, so I feel well-dressed all the time, too.

Last night it was rainy & I wore my lovely lined bronze vinyl raincoat which I had found at a thriftshop in Solvang, a tourist area, last summer in the heat for ONE DOLLAR.  That's right folks.  And our umbrellas either are from the 99 Cent Store or were freebies from a travel conference.

Speaking of the 99 Cent Store - I went in and bought a couple of long trendy scarves and trouser socks - not to mention a few pairs of stylish underwear.  With that & deals on lotions and even vitamins and car additives, we really save a LOT of money there.  If there is an item which is a great deal, like my Citrucel, I try to buy in quantity - and it will last me several months, saving me at what used to be $10 a box, some $50-60.  Going back for some Benefiber for hubby - we saw it on the way out.

Hubby used to hate those dollar stores - but since he has seen how much money we can save there, he has gotten on the dollar store wagon, too! Great deals on sauces, soy sauce, and salad dressings, too. The pickles and relish we got up at the Dollar Tree in Ventura were outstanding, not to mention the odd catsup brand.

I allow indulge myself with yarn from the 99 Cent stores - with that & my thrift shop yarn purchases, I can pursue my hobby at a price that is reasonable.  And i have gorgeous scarves for every occasion!  Last night I wore my tweedy copper-colored fuzzy scarf which goes perfectly with my bronze raincoat. And the shearling boots I bought a few years ago at a sporting goods store on sale (for my winter trip to NYC). I had sprayed them with waterproofing, so I didn't worry about wearing them in the wet - & they DID keep my feet nice and toasty.

I really don't make much money - I never have - so I feel that my freebies are contributions to our budget in as much as we have saved the $30 we would have spent in a movie theatre instead of a screening, for example - hubby always likes to get drinks & popcorn...And we could go out and enjoy ourselves instead of thinking about money.

I know that members of my family are getting grim over their belt-tightening - but I refuse to succumb to that - There is too much STUFF out there for the picking - IF you know where to LOOK.  So, COURAGE my pennypinchers! 




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