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Blog: Le Thrift Dress Fashionably without Emptying Your Wallet

You Can Dress for Less!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One way to dress for less is to frequent thrift or resale shops. Many times you can find gently worn or even new designer and brand name clothes and accessories.

However, sometimes it can be time consuming traveling from one location to another. Also, you may find the items picked over. Or, it can be intimidating trying to browse through all the clothes trying to find that special outfit or accessory.

For those and other reasons spending some time on online consignment and resale stores can be a smart move. First of all the items are usually organized and easy to find.  You can go from one site to another site at the click of your mouse saving time and gas money. 

The downside of course is you miss that tactile experience of touching and looking at the actual item you wish to purchase. A good online site will provide a description that does the following.

·         Accurately describes the condition of the item.

·         Describes the kind of material of the item.

·         Provides detail about cut, or stitching, or other items.

·         Provides a guarantee.

It is a good practice to make a small purchase the first time you buy something at a site in which you are not familiar. That way you can test the site’s credibility without laying out a lot of cash. If the item you purchase arrives when and as promised, they you can begin to make larger purchases with more confidence.


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Christine founder of Le Thrift


It's Earth MONTH~ don't throw it away:)
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | By ReDarling

Do as we do @
or send anything to us and we will refashion it! Love your ideas!!!!

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Christine founder of Le Thrift (Contact)
Chicago, IL USA
About Me:

I am working/single mom who was a fashion rep calling on boutiques. I had to dress for success in order to properly represent my company. However, my budget required me to frequent thrift and resale shops. I learned how to assemble a ward robe while dressing fashionably and want to share some of what I learned with you.

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