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Blog: gotta love free!!

fish tank(Plastic Recycling)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Soul mate told me he wanted to start a fish tank.

So living on a fixed income.. me and my frugal self started thinking. I have been accused of throwing nothing out or even a hoarder lmao.. Now I'M kinda proud of those tittles.

Can you believe how easy is to create a recycled aquarium, from trash?


For every great project you will need different materials so here is what you will need.

  •  A jar. I used one from a bulk store that had pretzels in it.
  •  Optional plant (I choose lucky bamboo) being careful to pick a plant that thrives in water.
  •  Some rocks. I purchased mine on clearance this time for a 1.00$ but you can also get some from your local lake or river free.
  •  Hole Saw Drill Bit found at any local hardware store
  •  drill
  • Fish…. choose some that can survive without air bubbles (filter).
  • Fish food
  • 2 rubber bands


  1. First, we need to remove the wrap and wash the bottle. It needs to be washed inside and outside.
  2. Using micro towels (reusable and washable), dry the bottle.
  3. Cut the hole in the lid of the jar. I used a hole saw drill bit because it cuts the plastic better. Using sharp tools is not safe. If you decide to follow my instructions, you are assuming all responsibilities. Read the disclaimer below.
  4. Rinse the rocks of well, and place them in the bottom of the jar.
  5. Cut your plants to size. Make sure you have foliage(leaves) above the lid, and the roots or stems are below the water. I used rubber bands to keep them together.
  6. Fill the jar with water. Let it set for about 2 hours to become room temperature.
  7. Add bag of fish.. DON’T open bag for about another 2 hours for the temp to become the same as the tank. Fish will go into shock if you don’t.




  • The information contained in this archive is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. Regardless some projects can be made by children, the parents should be responsible to determine if it is appropriate or not.
  • I take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage to equipment, property, or life, caused by the information here presented
  • Therefore, it is ultimately your sole responsibility to conduct your own due-diligence before making any purchase decisions, or decisions based directly or indirectly as a result of the content published on this website.

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recycled aquarium


recycled aquarium2



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