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Blog: Frugal And Tightwad Tanya

Plain Meanness of Family

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today I went on a days vacation to be alone with just me. I went down towards Tucson to the south of my town. I went shopping at tiny boutiques for interesting ideas on how to decorate on our income. Well that went well. I called my mom who was also shopping garage and rummage sales in MN today. The meanness of her unnerves me. I told her what I did today and she said that was good and that she got me a 2X size nice Sunday dress at a garage sale. I am at best a 4X a most a 3X bottom wise. top wise I am a 2X. She said when I told her that it wont fit me, so dont send it to me. She said oh you can diet and lose weight your too fat anyhow. Never mind I just miscarried. I have no intention of dieting at this time. I am too depressed over that fact right now. I just needed time alone, hence the day to myself. My mom has always meant well, but to me she has always been mean about my weight even needling me on a daily basis when I lived up north. I am happy to be down here, but now I tend to wonder whether or not I am co-dependent on her abuse and what she thinks of my weight. Well I am at a restaurant typing, so I have to go. I got a rental laptop for 3 weeks at a Rent All sort of store. I get it for three weeks and if in good condition when I return it. I get my deposit back. Cool huh?!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007 | By roseko

Or as I call mine the whole "fam Damnily"

Anyway sweetheart don't you even worry about Mama's meanness. I'm sure she as a woman has her own issues... Which cause her to lash out at you with words surrounded by love and good intentions but hide a core of ugliness- That is her problem, not yours.
I'm thin and have 8 brothers and sisters- You should only know what my parents and siblings have "lovingly" said or done to me all my life and I'll be 50 next month... and the beat goes on.
Just smile and thank her, let her send whatever she wants and donate the rest to Good will or Salvation Army thrift stores. My motto is always TRY to take the high road! All we really can control is our own selves, no one else. If you are chubby- it's what you are now, no big deal. Being thin is not much easier, still got the old issues, same heart and soul. My stepson just fewll in love with a big girl, she must weigh at least 260, and she squeeezes into the tightest pants and tops you've ever seen. He absolutely adores her and I think she'll be his wife soon.

For those that hurt us with their big mouths, whether intentional or not just tell them you are sorry they feel that way and you will pray for them..... It shuts them right down and makes them think before they speak of you again. I just went through a similar experience and came out feeling clean - It wasn't revenge just made me feel better about my self.

I never knew you could rent a laptop. That is very, very cool.

Meantime, take care and totally enjoy yourself. Put your burdens in a paper bag write them on little scraps of paper, go to wherever you can and set them on fire, trust me, it's B.S. but it's a start.

Sorry about your terrible miscarriage, I've been there too! Not nice at all. Sorry.

Sincerely Roseko

sorry about the baby
Tuesday, June 02, 2009 | By yard_sale_annie

its cruel but i honestly think your mom means well...loose the weight over time and your spirits will up will look better and be healthier and be able to handle any crisis that falls your way..i was just diagnosed with diabetes i was wearing a 3x i am now down to a size large.. i am happier and attitude is more positive..

family are like fish
Friday, June 05, 2009 | By notwrong

Some family can be just like fish after a few days they start stinking. Just be proud she is not visiting to help you lift your spririts. And remember the skinny girls want to be curvy, the fat girls want to be skinny, the brunetts blond well you get my drift. Find your inner self and make yourself happy and it won't matter what mama says.

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