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Blog: Charlotte's Blog about her life!

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why are my kids so keen to grow up, Caroline has a boyfriend called Paul and its fine and Conner has a girlfriend Rachel who is nice, Jamiee has a boyfriend called Callum and Lloyd has a girlfriend called Faye. I'm okay with that because Faye's nice and everything but now I'm worrying about him because I've never seen him so love struck! so when they brake up hes going to be unbearable!! like Conner was when Victoria Melbourne broke up with him when he was fifteen. Alex is in love with her ballroom dancing partner Tyler i over heard her telling Jamiee, Vanessa and Rhianna when they sit in Rhianna's room talking, its nice when they do that because the boys dont the most they talk is 'whats the score?' when there watching the sport on a Saturday afternoon without fail. Rhianna has even wrote a blog about her fancying a guy called Scott. Even Nate has suddenly announced he crushes on a girl in his class called Natasha. only Vanessa who doesn't like anyone but I'm sure she'll have one soon shes becoming really good friends with a guy called Josh. But Liam, oh, he doesn't really talk much about girls, i know he used to fancy a girl called Emma but  now i dunno.

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Jamiee and Paul

Charlotte Abel

My second seventeen year old daughter Jamiee and her boyfreind Paul


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Charlotte Abel (Contact)
London England
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Me, Charlotte Abel nee Basnett, I am born and bred in Hull but i moved down to London when I was eighteen. I am a jounalest for the metro. and my husbend is a Football Coach for my son Liam's team.

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