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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Super Simple Yogurt Cheese

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is my favorite versatile, low-calorie spread.  I use it on baked potatoes; as a dip served with pretzels, rice crackers, or vegetables; for breakfast on bagels; and for lunch spread on Wasa crisps and topped with tomato or sprouts. I like its tangy taste and its consistency—like whipped cream cheese. I especially enjoy making it in the summer when milk prices are low and I have plenty of fresh herbs in the garden to choose from

One of the best things about this cheese is that it is very easy to make! It takes no special equipment or procedures, so you probably have the necessary items to make it in your kitchen already. All you need is a colander, a large bowl, a basket-style coffee filter, plain yogurt, and salt and herbs to taste.

  1. Put the colander in the bowl and the coffee filter in the colander.
  2. Fill the filter with plain yogurt. You can make your own yogurt (See my blog, “Slow Cooker Yogurt” 7-24-2010, or you can buy it from a store. A quart of yogurt makes about 2 cups of the finished product.)
  3. Leave the bowl with the colander and yogurt on the counter or put it into the refrigerator to drain.
  4. Pour off the whey that collects in the bottom of the bowl periodically for about 8 to 12 hours or until it stops dripping.
  5. Turn finished cheese into a smaller bowl and blend in herbs and salt with a fork.  (My favorite combination is garlic, chives, and salt!)
  6. Cover and refrigerate.


Try making this simple cheese today! Begonia

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All Set Up for the Yogurt


Fill the Filter with Yogurt


Pour Off the Whey that Collects in the Bottom of the Bowl Periodically


Finished Cheese Ready to be Flavored



Notice how firm the yogurt has become once the whey has drained off of it.

Flavoring the Cheese


What did we do before kitchen scissors?





This is a really nice dip to take to parties or serve to guests.


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