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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

BAAACK from Vacation

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yes, I took a vacation from my blog here - Thriftyfun was donating $5 to the Red Cross for each tip submitted - so I just sat around & wrote tips for them as a way to do my bit.

THEN one very nice post was EATEN by the computer somehow - UGH.

But here I am again - with tales of our frugal & broke summer.  I scavenged things from all the move-out items at the end of the month at the apartment complex near our boat slip - Whew! Packing materials for my buddies with the eBay store - figurines to put in the garden (free, so if they disappear it's no great loss....) Lots of nail polish for my craft projects (I already have used the BLUE on a metallic barrette) - Little boxes for my assemblage project - a wastepaper basket - a set of nice Glenlivet glasses - some bowls for the boat - & some things which I will give to my brother for Xmas - There was also a box of dishwasher detergent & some liquid soap - Hubby made fun of me - but why not take dishwasher soap?

It looked like a lot - but it's not, really - It's nice that there is a tradition of a sorts of leaving unwanted items in the clubhouse for everyone to take.  If you are not going to drop it all off at a thrift shop, why not?  It seems such a waste to just toss perfectly good stuff!  I rescued a large tropical house plant, which is now recovering in the garden.  THAT riled me - why put that in the garbage?   I get into plant rescue to add to my plants inside & outside the house - and root succulents - which is just a matter of sticking a piece in some SOIL.

We are probably going to participate in the Boater's Swap Meet in 2 weeks & my buddy is going to go to the swap/craft faire at Hollywood High School.  A place to sell extra vintage clothes. (Have to mend some of it.)

The set up at the boat works out well for us - as there are not really any extra costs & we can go & hang out by the water in our sailboat which is our little cottage by the sea - all on the cheap!

Even working some as an actress - which helps, as we are living on unemployment for the time being - Every little bit contributes to the exchequer!

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Welcome Back
Saturday, August 06, 2011 | By begonia


Good to see you back. I check My Frugal Life from time to time to see if you have posted lately. Glad to hear that you have been working.

I junk picked a mountain bike in good condition last month and handed it off to one of my sons who lives in Minneapolis so that he would have a cheap way of getting around and for exercise. It's the urban thing to do up there. Minneapolis has topped Seattle in bike friendliness. (They even clear the urban bike paths in the winter!) Both my boys are urbanites.

My husband recently built me a raised bed with the telephone poles I scavenged last year. There are pictures on my site if you are interested.

I also picked up a really nice floor lamp to replace one that had a short. That shorted lamp was a favorite of my daughters writers' group because they like the feel of the little hum it had in it's base. Teens! I gave it to a friend that make steam punk lamps and jewelry to use for her next creation.

You should try typing your blogs as Word docs and copy and pasting into them into the post window--or were you already doing that? I like to have a couple of backups of the stuff that I post just in case something weird happens. It is a terrible frustration to lose your writing because it never comes out the same twice, and if you try it is never the same.

Take Care Begonia

Word docs
Friday, October 21, 2011 | By pamphyila

I know, I should do it that way - but I just start typing when I am inspired & I am off! Nice to hear from you...

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