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Blog: "Another Day in the Life of a Healthier, Happier, ME!
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Despite the snow patched lawn, You can still barely see green shoots coming from the earth. How amazing? What a great feeling, Spring is finally here! Though, It is still March, We can still expect to see more of that white fluffy stuff floating in the air. Best of all, It can't last very long. Of course we have to expect those April rain showers if we want May flowers. That's okay, I just want some sun to shine through, And start to get my hands dirty in the garden. I love planting rose bushes and tulips, Daffodills and Lily's. Most of all I love getting my Hibiscus trees growing. They are the most fascinating plant to me. One day, There is one large bright colored bloom, By the next day it doubles and triples Etc...... It is awesome. Each day, Just clip off the ones that sprouted yesterday, Because the second day they just go into a curled position, That's when you snip them off. By doing this you are allowing many more blossoms to bloom. I have my indoor hibiscus, And that just bloomed it's first bloom today, And you can see the two that will pop out tomorrow. Gardening to me is so similar to giving birth. (but easier). Planting that seed and watching something grow from little to large. Just like children (without the back talk). Spring has to be my favorite time of the year. How can anyone not like spring. If even not a gardener, You can still enjoy all the works of others and it is free. Go for long walks, Look at the trees blossom, The flowers blooming, The grass growing greener. This is true life to me! My life goes dormant all winter long because I can't get outside. Spring is when, I spring from my captive home and walk for miles and miles. I happen to think that living in New England and experiencing all four seasons of the year, We are so fortunate! There is truly something special about New England.

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jakeonana (Contact)
Norton, MA USA
About Me:

I am a 52 year (young) Wife, Mother and Grandmother! All of which I am tremendously happy and blessed with! I live with a disabling disease, But I certainly don't let it get me down. I love to Chat, Blog, Read other's blogs and love to be computer social.

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