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Blog: Crafts & Gardening

This is my personal space to share recipes I have created, found & enjoyed, pictures of my scrapbooking, nail art, gel nails, ideas, tips, tricks, and my gardening data.

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Nail art ideas
Friday, March 05, 2010

I am learning nail art. Currently by hand. I did buy the airbrush maching but haven't got my stencils from ebay yet. And learning to use it will be difficult but I am excited. Frustrated might be a word I use in later posts..... stay tuned...

Here is a few of the ideas I have done so far. I get my tips & ideas from things around me & youtube.

It is easy to do on fake nails, somewhat on peoples nails & really hard on my own. I am left handed, quickly learning to be right handed as well.

I hope I inspire someone out there.



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Cayanne, yellow wax,bell & jalapeno peppers
Friday, March 05, 2010

Feb.25th- After germinating my seeds in damp paper towel & zip lock baggies on top of the fridge I planted 1 full packet of each.

March the- I currently have cayanne, fat bell, yellow wax, & jalapeno peppers & asparagus started. All seeds have germinated & sprouted. 

Tomorrow I will count them.

I love spring! I have the fever! It is so much fun watching my little seedlings grow everyday.

This week I am going to find watermelon seeds and start them. I have a very short growing season, or I did last year anyway. I want to have a good start on this years.




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Mrs.kk (Contact)
Saskatoon Canada
About Me:

I really enjoy doing crafts & gardening. Scrapbooking is fun hobby I have done for a few years now. Nail art & gel nails I am just learning. Gardening, I found last summer is a new passion. I find it very relaxing & productive. I love cooking for my family knowing I grew it myself.

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