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Blog: Frugal Living

My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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warm days
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The weather is starting to warm up nicely here in Michigan..I hope then end of snow is near and no more for the season..The local paper has the value world coupon in it again for 50 percent off..I found two  in the  trash yesterday and i hope too find more in the trash today. I take the coupons to all the different thrift stores and save 50 percent off my entire purchase..I like to take extra coupons and pass them out at the store too to share with others thats why i dig in the garbage cans for them when the coupon comes friend calls me and lets me know when it come out so i can look for a few for her too...The vacuum cleaner died the other day i ran over a nail on the carpet..I was worried i would have to buy a new vacuum cleaner but my handy boy friend came over and took it apart took out the nail and glued the plastic back on where it was busted now vacuum cleaner is good as new..we also scored some cheap vacuum cleaner bags at our local thrift store. So we dont have to reuse the old vacuum cleaner bag any more but we did get about a years worth of use out of one vacuum bag and some duck tape..I have been on a diet too loose weight too so i need new summer clothes for summer. i bagged up all my old clothes and gave them to friends who were thrilled to get some clothes. I don't throw clothes out there is always someone who needs clothes. I ordered a vegan book on ebay i am thinking of giving up red meats and becoming vegan for my over all health.

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after christmas deals
Saturday, December 31, 2011

The big deals are after Christmas. I took advantage of bath and body's boy one get one free deals. They had their 8 ounce perfume sprays for buy one get one free for 12.00 so that's like getting them for 6.00 a piece they are regularly before Christmas 20.00 a piece. i like sweet pea that's my favorite one. also they had their 12.00 8 ounce lotion for 3.00 i got 2 of them and they are nice and creamy lotion good for putting on your hands and body after  a shower or just any time. It was their signature line products too. i went in their in the morning to buy it and then went back later in the evening to get a couple more bottles and the store was packed and the items were going quickly glad i went back or i would not have been able to get what i wanted. The deals are better after Christmas any ways before the holidays everything is so high. i love their products but they tend to be on the high side so i always wait til after the holiday to get what i want.  i also went over to my favorite thrift store value world to see what they had and i looked thru their cosmetics bin and found 2 new avon lipsticks in a nice light shade for 40 cents a piece i like a nice lipstick and i thought that was a good deal. i went over by the purse rack and got really lucky i found a coach purse for 1.80 it had a broken strap and thats all that was wrong with it i grabbed because i knew my boyfriend would be able to fix it hes very handy i put a picture of it under my photos if you want to look at it its very nice for that cheap a price and i love coach purses i wish i had the money to go to macy's and buy them brand new but i can't afford that..

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saving on the gas bill
Saturday, March 26, 2011

I opened my mail box and got the gas bill to discover that i had a credit from my budget plan for 2 months free  gas  and a letter informing that they would lower the budget plan to $38.00 dollars a month a big drop from $99.00 dollars a month so i guess dialing down the temperatures is the way to go.  Even tho its cold here i have been keeping my heat at 60 degrees and i wear warm clothes. I rather pay less than more so with the new budget plan my cost of living in my mobile home is $300 for rent $38.00 for gas and electric and $10.00 for the water bill. I don't know where i can live for $348.00 a month with utilities that is cheap for michigan.  I will actually be able to start putting some money away for a car now.  I hope the cost of gas does not go any higher.

I went to the thrift store by my boyfriends house yesterday. i had a coupon for 50 percent  off and i got alot of new clothes for spring and alot of the clothes still has the price tag still on them from when they had been bought brand new.  i was happy about that i also bought a coach purse for $10.00 dollars in pretty good condition and it will go good with my new spring clothes.  i have been making room in my closets for my new spring clothes and bagging up my old winter clothes for the good will.  i need to buy some more hangers for my clothes.  the best place to buy hangers is at yard sales.  i guess i could buy some at kmarts for now.  we are starting to have garage sales already here in michigan.  i went to an estate sale the other day and it really had alot of people there i bought some body butter by the body shoppe for a dollar but there were so many people there it was hard to look around.  i will be glad whe the weather warms up and i can go to more yard sales.

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Frugal Living
Monday, September 13, 2010

I went to a yard sale this past weekend , I found a tube of lipstick for a quarter. I needed new lipstick and it was new never used.. Makeup is always a good find for a quarter. The best finds were had in the free box. I found  two magazines, a pill box, two working flash lights all for free. I like free items and more and more when i go to a yard sale i tend to stop at the free box. Sometimes better stuff is in the free box.

I live a very frugal life more for necessity than for pleasure. i like saving money but sometimes it can get frustrating..i buy all my clothes from thrift stores or yard sales. I can't remember the last time i bought something new but used stuff seems new after you bring it home and wash it up. This is a way of life for me and has been for a lot of years..I am a big trash picker to i find great stuff in the trash but its hard sometimes to get past the stairs of others who don't trash pick..Last summer i found a box of old records someone had thrown out and i sold a few of them on ebay and made a nice profit..i am looking for the ultimate find in the trash or at a yard sale that might actually  be worth some money..i have friends who buy cheap at yard sales then sell high on ebay and other internet sites..I too did the ebay thing for a while but the fees got so carried away i stopped selling but one winter i made  four thousand dollars on the stuff i found at yard sales and in the trash..but boy it was alot of work but i had fun doing it..I wish i could find another site like ebay but with out all the fees..

I am just about finished with my mystery novel, I got the book at a yard sale for a dime bought 8 books that day. I don't think the lady ever read them because the books looked new and had no marks or spots in them..I thought that was a good deal as books can be pricey in the store.I sure hope I am not boring any one to death its been along time since i have written a blog. i went to the thrift store looking for winter clothes and i got some nice sweaters with designer labels for a dollar a piece. I do love the thrift stores great for clothes..

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