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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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Save $ on laundry soaps
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Laundry soap are so full of chemicals they can affect me from 3 feet away with an instant heada che; I used to make my own laundry soap using Fels Naptha or Zete; then the makers of THOSE products heaped the chemicals SO MUCH on THESE: that I could not even keep the laundry soap in my own HOUSE!

SO: what I LEARNED: was I bought Biokleen; I had HEARD reports of how excellent it was but had to TRY it for myself to BELIEVE it. NO CHEMICALS are used in it at all. The SAME AMOUNT you use for HOME MADE soap aprox 2 to 3 Tablespoons is ALL YOU USE of this marvelous product! THERE ARE NO FILLERS INVOLVED HERE FOLKS!

So, while yes, the INITIAL OUTPUT is $10 or $11, NO FILLERS mean LOTS of LAUNDRY as you are ONLY USING a VERY SMALL AMOUNT! I LOVED it, and am STILL WORKING on the FIRST box of it I got quite a LONG time ago! BTW, I DID buy another box when they had a great sale on it; so am probably good for at least another 8 months! WHEN I SEE it on SALE, at a GREAT savings, I WILL pick it up, knowing that I will indeed be using it later. However, if I had KNOWN that the original box would last THIS long, I probably wouldn't have picked it up when I did!

This actually saves you a GREAT deal of $; and not only THAT: it saves your lungs, and sinuses!

ALSO: while checking things on ebay the other day, I spotted some "soap nuts" which are supposed to be wonderful for doing laundry with! I have never tried myself, but the opening bid for these on auction was 99 cents! WORTH checking it out folks! Be sure you know what the going price is elsewhere so you do not overbid!

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