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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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Good friends on rainy days!
Monday, October 25, 2010

I LOVE books! So glad our mom was a reader; I read to my daughter when carrying her, after she was born, and she also loved to read, and did the same with her 3 boys; and they all now love reading as well!

Love cookbooks as well; though have to admit my favoritest is the Farm Journal ones that I have picked up. I do pick others up, but then just jot down the recipes I really love, and freecycle them on to others! FAR better as my bookshelves can reach over flowing easily! Have a bunch of books picked up and ready to be read on days like today when it's cold, and raining buckets!

And my favorite: magazines! a  neighbor down the street gets tons of them; I take her birds and blooms ones and the stack them in the magazine rack to look at and enjoy during the dreary cold days of rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. I DROOL over David Austin's FREE English rose book; so incredibly beautiful to see. Jot down plants that interest me, but don't really have much room for to very many more of them!

Not a TV watcher hardly at all; get internet and basic channels for $39 a month; do upgrade in winter to $10 more; gives me more channels if I DO decide to watch. And the LOVELY music channels! They did NOT tell me that I would get them; tried just for fun, and love the golden oldies! Listen to it all day long without interruptions or commercials; HEAVENLY!

During the summer, I am outside a lot and do read at times, but not near as much as during the winter months. LOVE to get a cup of tea, and just put my bathrobe on over my clothes to get warmer, and just read an excellent story teller!

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Frost is coming! YIKES!
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watching the news today; it was 80 degrees today; and then lower tomorrow and then into the 60's and it is going to be near freezing tomorrow night. I am NOT READY to have it so cold; yet it IS October. Soon the days will be shorter and shorter and shorter.

 It is difficult time for me to deal with little sun; so I keep Birds and Blooms magazine that a friend gives to me; I have a magazine holder, and they stay there until winter time. David Austin's free rose catalogue is also there. How I  LOVE looking at the beautiful roses in the gloomy dreary days of winter.

I have 2 stacks of books actually that I have put aside for me to read; this is something that I do when winter is here and the weather not clear; I can curl up and read a GREAT book! And sip a cup of tea; with raw honey in it! mmmm, it doesn't sound quite so bad after all!

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