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Blog: Hoptownracer's Frugal Tips and Craft Projects

My blog will detail my tips on how to save money, reuse items that are commonly thrown away and to post craft and sewing projects that can be useful.

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Reuse Recycle Emery Cat Scratcher
Monday, May 10, 2010

Reusing Recycling Emery Cat Scratcher

I recently purchased the Emery Cat Scratcher.  I threw away the cardboard insert, as the cats were'nt the least interested in it, and I was worried they would pull out a nail.  I bought carpet pieces/rugs at the dollar store and cut them to fit into the Emery Cat Scratcher.

Supplies Needed:

Carpet Pieces (not loop-styled, as cats can get  their nails hung on the loops.)

Utility Knife

Hot Glue Gun

Glue sticks for glue gun


I measured and cut the carpet pieces to fit.  Be careful with utility knife.  You might want to put a  rolled newspaper  underneath while cutting.  (I have a nice gash in the floor now.  OOPS!)  Then I applied hot glue to the scratcher and pressed the carpet down firmly.  Then I tugged on the carpet to be sure it was secure.  I sprinkled it with catnip, and then the kitties tested it and gave it their approval.


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