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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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Yikes! i've been adopted!
Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have lived in my current mobile for 17 months now; I noticed a beautiful pure Siamese cat sunning himself, here and there but learned he was a stray. Didn't belong to anyone here in the park. A woman who loved cats fed it and others or rather I did FOR her, as she is so disabled she is unable to do it easily herself.

At first, he was skitterish, and to frightened to eat whenever anyone was around; I would put the "food" down on the lawn, stand on the deck; and talk to him. He would grab a little food with his tongue, and jump about 2 feet back from it; I kept talking to him, and gradually he started answering me.

Deciding on a name, I called him Mr B, (for Mr Blue Eyes); but being so distinguished a cat, Mr B fit him to a T, so that is what he now responds to. Gradually, he would come to eat when I was near. Then I let him sniff my hand, and he let me pet him a "short" time. He used to "sleep" in my oriental poppies outside my bedroom window!

Now, I LOVE feeding and watering the birds; so they are plentiful around my place; and while I much prefer STATUE cats, which are in my yard, as art: with allergies etc I was not wanting to have a "cat" adopt me! However, he has; and I have found that he loves sleeping in the "cat bed" I have put on the back steps with the awning overhead; also have an old "rug" down on a chair on the deck, which he sometimes sleeps on.

The weather here has been wet, wild and COLD; giving him and the birds food yesterday, I attempted to bring him into the house for warmth, but he jumped right out of my arms and fled! Which is ok with me, as it is far better for him to be an outside cat than an inside one!

I have found that even when he "sleeps" in my flowers, yard, etc, he has yet to bother any of the birds (wow isn't THAT strange!); so as long as I keep him well fed, it appears that the two of us will do fine together!

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grand pyrenees
Saturday, September 25, 2010

While at the grange today, waiting for the loader to put the 35 lb bag of peanuts for the blue jays and other birds who love them into my car, I was parked next to a 2 seated pickup truck; which had 3 HUGE dogs in it! Beautiful and big; I was talking to them, telling them how beautiful they were, and that their owner must be extremely skinny to be able to fit in their with the 3 of them!

Two were in the back seat, and one stretched out in the front seat; when the owner who was indeed a very small and skinny woman, came I told her oh, you are the luckiest person! and you are thin! I told them you MUST be in order to drive with the three of them in your vehicle!

She said they are very friendly and affectionate if you would like to pet them; so I got out of my car and walked over and talking to them, petting them. HUGE i am talking HUGE animals; I asked her what kind they were and she said Grand Pyrenees, livestock guardian dogs. And she was there of course buying supplies for the livestock!

What a WONDERFULLY GRAND adventure! If any of you gets an opportunity to ever meet one of these animals: please do so! Your  life will be enriched indeed!

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