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Blog: Frugal And Tightwad Tanya

My blog is about how I live a frugally and tightwad life here in Minn. My finds that are frugal. My style of tightwaddery and thrift. It's about my frugal and tightwad family.

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Couponing my style
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well in case you haven't guessed I love to save. My favorite sites are which I just found thru here on someones blog who no longer blogs here, and a WalMart site. Those are just a few I get my coupons from for shopping which I still use my, and  which I plan my groceries and clothing buys from each day.

I tend to go by what the coupon says when shopping. I never clear a shelf of jeans or food or other. Clearing a shelf is a clear ethical violation in my opinion for coupon use. I am self declared frugal and tightwad woman who just happens to be a coupon queen as well in my state of Minnesota. Others claim they are coupon queens and frugal, but I know different. They may want to be a coupon queen, but they don't have what it takes to be a coupon queen. They don't spend hours hunting down bargains on the computer, or searching for printable coupons while their children study nearby making you multitask between mom and coupon queen like me. They don't ask a stranger at the local dump and recycle center for the coupons they are throwing away, because I don't want to go back into the bin. They don't plan every hour and minute of the day with sites of stores. That is what it takes to be a coupon queen like me. I will even go out in a blizzard to get the store deal with coupons. Yea I do it in the lull of the blizzard, but still if they want to be a coupon queen like me that's what they have to do.

a woman in the library system in my town claims she is a coupon queen like me to the point that she was chosen to teach classes on how to be a coupon queen, instead of me when all know it is really me and not her. Long story short she had to refund all class attendees when her teaching did not work. They had to come to me for clarification on how to be one. To this day people still stop me in stores and thank me for teaching them how to coupon responsibly and legally.

E.L.F. Cosmetics at  is a makeup company that has cheap good makeup for the new woman in your family and you can use an online coupon for extra savings. Oh yes always ask for refund if the product you purchase is found to be damaged in the package, or bad tasting like it has expired. Always check expire dates in any grocery store you visit. If you have a coupon for the product that is expired make sure the manager knows it, so you can get rain check on the item you want, but they are out of good dated items. I got a rain check on a good deal on cheese slices that are usually $4 each for 2/$5. If it hadn't been for the new program extreme coupon I would have gotten it when it was on sale for 2/$5 when all the products were not expired, but someone cleared all, but the expired ones the immoral idiot! No etiquette just left it for whoever like found it. Like we want food poisoning. Etiquette requires if you know products are expired but don't say anything to a manager it is the same as attempted murder, and punishable by law, because we have a moral obligation to report it to manager, so they aren't left with the lawsuit of attempted murder. All grocery stores now have cameras in every isle, so there is no hiding who did the clearing shelf and leaving the bad. Come on woman you know who you are show some coupon use morals like I do. And she calls herself a coupon queen. I at least have morals and etiquette when I coupon.

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Here are a Few Tightwad Links for Living Frugal
Sunday, October 16, 2011 you can order in bulk online from them for everything your family or business would need in life. I am using it to order my home school supplies. Erasers, Pencils, Math sheets, Writing sheets, etc....another thing if there is a blizzard don't expect delivery of the items until the storm clears. People have been known to die 5 feet from their car/vehicle because they couldn't find it in the storm and that goes for house and apartments too. The postman is a person too, so why should he risk his life for your frugal lifestyle. Those who are lucky enough to live in Arizona still, and yea I really miss it in the winter lol. Order what you can on-line, and save your sanity for trying to find what you need when the store is out and they have to order more for you. Bypass them and use the site to order it yourself.

Here is a list of what you can order in bulk on-line:



Toilet Paper


Kitchen cutlery

Cleaning supplies

and the most important Halloween Candy.

It is a short list, but you can go check it out on-line.

Another link is sign up to be a member and you will get advance notice to sales that are upcoming, and fliers in the mail with special coupons. On the outskirts of town of Moorhead, MN there's a Super Target now. I was just there visiting my daughter and we went to get Halloween Candy for a dollar too. Another link a warning tho most of the super list coupon area is ineffective except for my coupons it is good, and you can print them off at the library in any town, as the site for my coupons is safe. Coupon use at WalMart is iffy now at best. The cheapskates are constantly trying to make you pay more even with coupons. I like my DL WalMart for emergency picnic supplies in the summer for the Sams Pop that is 78 cents for 2 liters. Especially when Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are closed for the 4th of July. Not WalMart the only thing I will God Bless them for in life. Here is another on-line link you may like if you are a book enthusiast it is an Ebay link. I count Ebay as an excellent Winter garage sale saver for kids clothes, and adults. What I don't make aka sew, knit, or crochet I buy here for books and clothes cheaply. I recently lost 90 lbs and I'm in size 16 jeans again after 22 years, so I entered an auction on for a lot of jeans that started at one penny for 18 pairs of Wranglers. I lost of course because someone beat me. It did have a reserve that had to be met, and I could have met it, but someone wanted it more than me and went over the reserve price the little turd! Still a good site to go to in the Winter. If you are a grocery store shopper like Cashwise foods like my daughter uses. Go online to their site at plan your trip ahead of time they even give you a list to make of what you need that can be printed out at the library for a dime, or cheaper yet 6 cents on campus library, if you are a student. Well I will keep thinking and finding links I and my family like that you may find useful in your life. by for now and no I am not going on Hiatus anytime soon. Frugal and Tightwad Tanya

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My Frugal Life!
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Since, some people on this site abused the posting priviledges by posting six to seven posts when we are only supposed to post 5 total max on this site a day. I am giving you all my link to this site. If any want to comment on my posts that you see. I am allowing them now. I was unsure how to do it before now. You can see my other new posts at my link, as they were knocked off by her posts this month.

Well living just keeps getting harder and harder these days. I have quite my job, so I get my full SSI income back now to $603. a month. I was going to get $453.77 next month, but I called them to complain and the Social Security Administration said to quit my job, because I am not suppose to be working. Well I told them off. I said what little I got from my parttime job was to cover just a tiny bit of luxury like scented soap from Bed, Bath & beyond for a Christmas present for my brother's new live-in girlfriend who just happens to be having his baby as well I got the baby a gift too.

I wasn't told about the pregnancy til last month and she is due next month. It was short notice I know my brother and his girlfriend are busy, but geez could they have told me this summer when we were together in July. She got pregnant in April or late March, so they knew and told no one. Even when I asked for everyone's Christmas list of last minute things to buy as I was getting a job to cover bills until the noose of a trailer around my neck sold.

Well anyhow back to what they said about what I told them. They said too bad.

Well I was going to quit anyway, because I go South every winter to Texas or Arizona, USA, but this year was my last year here in my beloved home state and birthplace Minnesota. My arthritis has gotten to the point where I can no longer stay here period. I just have to quit earlier than expected. I sold my car, and I have enough money for set up on an apartment down there including the dang pet deposit. Can you believe mobile home parks charge pet deposit for homes you are owning on COD (even inside pets like cats)? I am not someone who's going to leave in the middle of the night. I intend to stay, and live frugally in either state. I am seriously leaning towards Arizona as I have cousins there. 

I think one can live tightwad and frugally anywhere in the USA. I just have to become a ninja sensa on my finances right now I am a black belt not a master of ninja saving on life's tightwad and frugal living. I think a bus driver in New Jersey by the first name of Kenneth has the mastery down. I read a clip on him in a book called The Super Coupon Shopping System, by Susan Samtur. It is an old book from the 80's but still around on ebay and I never used to think of myself as a nonmaster of frugal and tightwad Tanya living, but I guess I still have a lot to learn. One thing I always say learning is the best part of each day. Well this blog was mainly a gripe and link notice to all who read this blog sorry about griping. I have had a bad month or two. I wish you all happy holidays.

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Tanya39 (Contact)
About Me:

I live in Minnesota, and I am a published author of poetry On-line. I have a hubby, and several children. I shop with coupons, and I willingly take several classes On-line thru AZU. I have several degrees, and diplomas. I am a crafting person, and I live for Octoberfest not for the beer, but the food is great too. I am mix mutt of heritages. I love to shop at thrift stores, and garage sales/yard sales. I live a green lifestyle or try too.

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