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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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this is hilarious!
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is just to funny not to share! Spoke with one of my grandkids today; he is 18 years old and just out on his own and sharing a place with others. He sounded a little funny so I asked him if he had been sleeping. He said no, his head was hurting.

 He had cleaned (and he is excellent at cleaning and helping) the bathroom, and it has shower doors; he was cleaning the top of the doors, said it was real linty and a dead frog covered with lint came off and it startled him so much that he jumped, hitting his head on the metal on the doors.

He said he had a little cut, had put neosporin on it and a bandage; said it was out in the yard. I said well either no one had cleaned the top of the shower doors in a long time or someone had pulled a prank on him; he said no one had cleaned it in a long time grandma it was just covered with lint.

I was laughing at the visual of a dead frog coming off and it scaring him so much so that I was crying. He said it will be something to tell your grandkids huh! I said you ARE my grandkid!

He said oh, well, something to tell your GREAT grandkids then huh!

He had gone to see the new Harry Potter movie and said it was the best yet; so good in fact he would have liked to have seen it again a second time!

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