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Blog: Live like a Queen on less!

live like a queen, choosing wisely.

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from the heart
Thursday, December 09, 2010

The best gifts are free. They are giving of your self to others; listening, caring; showing joy at the sight of others; letting them know that them being there is the greatest gift they can give to you, as they are a treasure and delight to your heart!  Kindness: once years ago I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life; emotionally, etc; and my heart hurt. I was able to keep a smile on my face, work, and as long as no one asked me about it, I was fine. But the moment anyone asked, tears would start to flow.

One day as I was going back to work from walking around on my lunch hour, a man opened the door for me and made a kind comment;  later in the evening I called my grandfather and told him; and said "it's like the world has a famine of kindness"; it's the first time since I can recall in years where someone has just shown kindness to me!" He was familiar with my pain and the difficult time I was going through.

Kindness: is free. And it should just bubble up and out of your being, and flow over all you see, meet, even to others as you walk down the street!  Let us flood the earth with kindness, and peace and goodwill  and joy to others, like the waters covered the earth in Noah's day!  A simple opening of the door and a pleasant comment: brought me to tears during a time when I was in such distress inside that no one would have ever known from the outside.

This AM I got up around 5AM; I peeked outside and saw a raccoon, who was drinking from the tub of water I put out for all God's creatures who might come by needing a drink of water. I was so happy to see them; doesn't have to be fancy; the "tubs" given away by hospitals work wonderfully well as feeders for birds; wash rocks well, then place inside to keep from "tipping" over. If large enough rocks so that birds can land on it and drink; they are delighted to have it to drink and bathe with!

Popcorn from air poppers; no butter or salt; feed birds, as well as any "bread" that does not have mold. They love getting it!  Hummingbirds do not all migrate south; the majority of them do,but some do stay year round! The $1 store sells feeders; simple 4 to 1 solution of sugar and water, boil for 2 minutes; then let cool. No need to add food coloring; keeps them in food all winter long!

Creating memories is what "life" is all about. Not so much as "money" items at all; especially at this time of the year. Living with my aunt when I was younger; she had 4 small children and was working; on her days off she would say "well I should do this and this and this and this"; but I am instead going to go to the river, and have a picnic with my children. For I will never be able to regain the time they are this age; and far to soon they will be grown and gone. That stuff can be put off til later; My focus is going to be on spending my time off with them!"

Loved her attitude, her way of seeing and doing and choosing; somehow she managed when they were sleeping to take care of the laundry, etc; but she never let the "shoulds" take control of her life; and never had to look back with regret saying "I wish I had done this instead";  she did indeed choose wisely, and I thank her for the lesson she taught me!

People are the priority; and choosing to treasure them and letting them know it, from the heart is such a gift; kindness shown to others; just a simple kind remark brought tears to me, back then. I treasure these memories the most; others say "don't you remember this or that about the person; I always respond: no, the acts of kindness are the ones I remember the most. That stand shining above all the others. Simple acts of kindnesses, simple words; that meant  so incredibly much to me.

Be kind, be kind, be kind! Words can be so helpful; and mean so incredibly much that they stand out like lighthouses in memories of dark times in the hearts of someone you never knew was in such hurt.  Words can hurt, or words can heal. Develope a habit of kindness; a kindness in tone, a kindness in attitude, a kindness in not letting your "mind" race ahead of you as you go thru life; but train it to focus on what is being said to you; and paying the gift of kindness to the person enough to hear what is being said; instead of rushing so much through life, with all the "shoulds".  Kindness is free; and from the heart. But it must be developed and worked on;

Things will never mean as much as people do. The "buy buy buy" at Christmas was manufactured by retailers; for the money. The memories will never be of "items" received; but of the gathering together of loved ones; the converstions, the games played with others; the special silly "turkey dance" that became a ritual for the children; that never made any sense at all; but just special memories for the children; who laughed with delight at the person who "created" it just for her children as a memory of holidays! (it was not me, someone I knew) she didn't have much money; but she gave her children the greatest gifts of silliness that anyone ever knew!

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buy in bluk to have on hand
Friday, October 22, 2010

My grandson's LOVE getting cards and I had gotten them quite a few different ones from Leanin Tree; they have a huge variety with various animals, etc that are just outstandingly good quality, and they have matching envelopes.

I went to their website: to see if possible to buy cards at bulk rather than pay the individual price. Glad that I did! They have a clearance section: and I could get 20 cards for a fraction of the cost of buying them individually; and if I ordered $50 worth free S&H. SO: what I DID was: I ordered 2 of the 20 card packages; and a huge bunch of the outstandingly fun and wise flexible magnets that were marked down to only 50 cents each!

I still have quite a few of them; and everyone loves to get one. My sister even comes over to pick out some for her "friends" to give as a gift to!

Grandson's still love getting the cards, as well as magnets. So do my neighbors and everyone else. And I never have to worry about getting a "gift" as I have them on hand!

And it is FUN: to pick ones out for the various people; sometimes putting the $ out can seem like a lot: but in the LONG run, it can REALLY and TRULY save you a TON!

Be wise: and be smart!

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buy NOW at end of season!
Saturday, September 18, 2010

If you BUY out of SEASON, you can get FANTASTIC savings! I used to tell folks: I make THEM pay ME to take it off their hands! In summer, get the 25 cents for knit hat, scarf and mittens! keep WATCHING til they get to the price YOU want to pay!

At the dollar store here in town, keep checking around the end of Feb and first part of March; they get in a supply of $1 bird feeders: both "tube" type and hummingbird feeders; also they get in a great supply of various size and colored pots, including hanging. WATCH for them!

We actually have 2 dollar stores here in the town where I live; and they get different things; I KNOW where to watch for the pots and bird feeders; these make GREAT gifts as well folks;  and you can easily pick up ever bearing BARE ROOT strawberries, around the end of Feb, which can be easily planted in hanging pots and make great mothers day and Easter gifts; who does NOT love strawberries!

Summer clothing is now 75 percent off; and keep checking Fred Meyers will have 50 percent off or 70 percent off their LOWEST MARKED PRICES!  Bought $80 coats for my grandkids for $7 EACH this way in March! (winter coats)

A beautiful white down comforter that came in package from QVC, originally $80 in thrift shop; picked up for daughters birthday in hot summer when was 50 percent OFF the reduced price tag of $20! so I got a $150 down comforter for $10 in the HOT DOG DAYS of AUGUST!

Got planting pots at a store (Rite Aid) who had some for 50 percent off; then waited and sure enough they had an EXTRA 25 percent OFF the already REDUCED price of 50 percent off!  Was able to get some beautiful URN shaped planters this way; good sized ones for less than $4 each!  THIS is the TIME also to CHECK OUT the 75 percent off prices (at SOME stores!) and pick up  wind chimes, etc, for gifts: for $2 or so! DO have a "drawer" or a box JUST for present items; if you BUY throughout the YEAR you will NOT have to pay DEAR or feel any guilt at all when holidays roll around!

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