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My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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Antique Yard sale Trail
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dave and I went on the antique yard sale trail this past weekend in the thumb print area of northern michigan..what could have been lovely weather turned out to be a day full of rain and cold and wet weather but that didn't stop us from getting some good deals..i spent a total of 13.00 dollars and this is the list of items i got as follows: 2 purses,  6 sweat shirts for winter, sony watchman tv am and fm radio, a walkman radio new in box, a phillips sonic tooth brush new in box, a water pic new in box, 6 books, 8 craft books, a lowfat cook book, a christain dior red sweater nice and dressy, 2 jars of estee lauder creme never used, a brush, revelon lipstick, jewelry a necklace and earring set and 5 pairs of other earrings, some anne klein perfume, and 5 boxes of never opened sugar free drink the free boxes i got a small brush for my purse a hair clip and some out door had held warmer, 8 plastic cups and 6 paper boyfriend got 3 pairs of mens under wear 2 car mats for his truck and a handicap portable potty chair for his mother all for 2 dollars..we stayed at the days inn and had free continental brak fast where i managed to get free soap, free coffee, free tea and ten pens and a roll of toilet paper, and free 6 packs of creme cheese and free packets of sweet and low..we brought a cooler and stocked it with free ice from the vending machine for the cooler and bought our food for the trip to save on eating out when i returned home the ice was still good and i loaded into the freezer to use for drinks so none would go to waste..

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city wide yard sale
Sunday, May 13, 2012

I went to a city wide yard sale in Livonia a rich part of town.  We got to the area a half hour before they opened some people were still setting up...but they say the early bird catches the worm and that is so true.. I got to one ladies garage and she had high end named purses like kate spade and coach..I love coach purses i bought 2 and got them for 8 dollars a piece a good price for is a coach carly bag black with signature c's on it..i emailed coach to find out if it was real or not and gave them the serial number and it was at one time it retailed for $358.00 its an older style coach and rare hard to find..The other bag is a coach satchel bag and its black with the signature c's. She had a tan one but it was really dirty wished i would have bought it and had it cleaned o well.  At another yard sale a lady had a table with earrings on it and i spotted 2 pair of earrings that looked like real gold and i bought them for 50 cents a piece and later when i got home i looked to see if it had any markings on it and found that it had 18 k gold markings so it was real gold i was surprised..I guess when you have alot of money you don't care what you sell at a yard sale or maybe the lady made a mistake when she put them out its real pretty hoop earrings with a heart on the end. Then there were the free boxes I got a camera with film still in it the kodak kind, exercises tapes, a mickey mouse key chain thats small that you can fit in your purse a sewing kit that will fit in your purse,, a motoralla cell phone, a book..I love looking at free boxes.. I also got some clothes for a quarter a piece and some books and vhs tapes for cheap...but the best deal of the day were the purses..I got another leather purse for a dollar its a tignanello...i like that brand name too..I love purses i can't have enough purses..but i like finding coach purses at yard sales especially if they are real..My boy friend was rummaging thru a box of old jewelry at his house and gave me the prettiest necklace with a locket on the end of it and i was looking at the clasp and it said 14 k gold i think he thought it was junk jewelry and i told him its nice if he wants it back it was his moms but he said i could keep it just have to find an extender for the chain i like my chains a little longer then it is already but i liked it it was a nice mothers day gift..

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Yard Sale Haul
Saturday, May 05, 2012

I went to some church rummage sales and regular yard sales this past weekend..They were hard to find since the season is not quite yard sale season yet but my boyfriend and i managed to find a few good ones.  The first place we stopped was at a church rummage sale we got there just before they opened and stood in line for 20 minutes it was mobbed with people.  I found a nice leather tignanello purse for $1.00 and some hair pins never used for 5 cents  and a tooth brush new still in the package for another 5 cents..The boyfriend took advantage of the coffee and donut deal for $1.00 why i looked around..that was all i found there but we went to another yard sale in a nice area of town and I found a red leather coach purse and older style one for $3.00. I just love finding coach purses at yard sales i love that brand but can't afford the high price. I found nice bars of facial soap in a free box and a city map and a visor to where out in the sun and a cereal bowl and small plastic box for sandwiches..There were a few free boxes but not too many..I went to one yard sale and was telling the lady that i was diabetic and she gave me some free diabetic supplies that she didn't need any more which was nice of her so i got that free too. I got a nice butterfly vase for a quarter and a real crystal clock for ten cents it just needs a few new batteries in it..I got clothes for a quarter a piece..I am trying to downsize my clothes since i have been loosing weight..I spent about 16.00 dollars and i have about 50 items to show for it and nice items too..I will be happy when yard sale season is in full bloom i can hardly wait..i tend to go to the ones in the rich areas of town you can find such good deals for a fraction of the cost..

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yard sale haul
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi haven't been on here in awhile but have been yard saling..i recently bought a mint coach signature c bag at a yard sale for $12.00 i was thrilled since i have never owned a real coach bag before in such good condition..i also bought a room size oriental rug for $3.00 that had some spots on it but my boyfriend cleaned it nice with dish soap and got the spots out  it really looks nice in my living room and was a great buy for 3 dollars..i have seen ones like it sell for a few hundred dollars in the store so i was  quite please to find it..i happened into a church rummage sale yesterday and got a nice blouse and a shower curtain and some bath salts all for a donation of 50 cents..then at another yard sale i ended up with a free tube of clinique lipstick..also pay attention to those free boxes at yard sales i snagged a free rotary phone yesterday..i love old phones and this one was in good shape..lately i have noticed at yard sales that the  cost of getting items has gone way up and people dont seem to want to barter especially on books...the   books for a quarter are getting harder to come by but i did get some for 10 cents a piece the other day. the weather is starting to turn cooler here now and i have been researching the internet on ways to make a mobile home warmer in the winter...i have old blankets that i am going to reuse as window treatments for the winter to keep the windows warmer i seem to loose alot of heat out the windows..and i did get a good deal on a ceremic heater for my computer room for 3 dollars..the knob was brok off but my boy friend fixed it for me and it works good..

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city wide yard sale
Saturday, April 16, 2011

The neighboring city had their early city wide yard sale this weekend.  I went on Friday with my boyfriend.  There were alot of garage sales out there but the best score came from the thrift store inside Saint thomas church.  They had $2.00 dollar bag day.  I managed to stuff 10 shirts and a pair of pants and a night gown into a little plastic bag.  Then they had hangers the plastic kind i got 36 of them for a quarter.  They are handy for hanging clothes. I went to another yard sale and scored some home made soap for 25 cents a  bar.  I like home made soap store  bought is too hard on my skin.  Lately i have been seeing the home made kind at yard sales and thrift storesOn the internet it sells for $ 6.00 a bar.  The cost for stuff on ebay is high so i am glad when i can find soap at a yard sale.

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