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My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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garbage can finds
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I went down to the garbage cans by the mailboxes in my mobile home community and found coupons for my local thrift store for 50 percent off.  I found 11 coupons which i will pass out to friends who enjoy the thrift store as much as i do.  I went to a friends house the other day and she had a bag of goodies for me it was filled with some denim capris and outfit and some jeans and some tubes of lipsticks that she didn't want..I like getting clothes for free just as much as buying them at my local thrift.  i cleaned out my freebies drawer in my bedroom and i have over 200 free samples that i got off of have a freebie coupon  now for tena pads for free my friend printed two coupons and got two big bags of those pads for free. in my mailbox i had free coupons for baby cereal and food that i will probably give to a friend who has a baby.  I went to bath and body and took advantage of their 75 percent off sale and got some bath spray shower gel and lotion all in a basket for $3.75 i bought 2 baskets they are the travel size but big enough to take with me on vacation in the summer. I just love bath and body products...

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free food day
Saturday, October 23, 2010

I had a coupon for a free pizza, and i went and got it and took it to the park with my boyfriend. we stopped at our local A&W and got free root beers with our two coupons that we found in the trash can by the mail box in our mobile home park.  so we had  lunch  out and enjoyed the nice weather at the park. after lunch we headed to our favorite local thrift store value world i went towards the clothes and the boyfriend headed for the electronics department after a few minutes of browsing he called my name and directed me over to a counter which had a down comforter for ten dollars i grabbed it up it was in good condition never used. we took it home and put it on the bed and it must be king size since it fit our bed. i had been looking for one of those for weeks now and the price was just right. down comforters run about two hundred dollars for a nice one. the only place you can get one around here is in the mall at jc penny's. i am happy and it is so warm. i am looking for an electric blanket to maybe i will get lucky at good will. i like to wrap up in it when i am sitting at my computer. my old one that i had for quite a few years doesn't  work any more. the weather is starting to get cold here. yesterday my boyfriend took me to a thrift store about an hour from where we live. we wanted to go on a drive but i wanted to look at winter coats. we went and i found a red wings winter coat for  five dollars in extra large tall it fit me perfectly. it was worth the drive up there. there was a kmarts right next to the thrift store and we looked at the cost of coats there and they wanted sixty dollars. so i got a deal there even with the cost of gas to drive there it was still cheaper.

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a and w coupon
Saturday, October 02, 2010

The local A and W here had coupons in the circular for a free float it came in the mail. i live in a mobile home park and we have waste baskets by the mail boxes most often people throw out mail there they do not want. i went around to all the waste baskets in the park and came up with 6 coupons for the free floats. i went to the A and W with my boy friend and got two free floats and the 99 cent hot dog for a cheap lunch. i have been to quite a few yard sales lately. Yesterday i got a ceiling fan for my living room for $3.00 dollars and the boy friend installed it free looks quite nice the stores around here want almost $80.00 for one. so that was a nice find. At another yard sale I got some Avon products new in the box for 25 cents a piece. I took the time to look it up in their Avon book to find out that the face creme I got sells in their book for $32.00 dollars. The lady was an Avon Representive and she just wanted to get rid of the last of her stock. I couldn't believe it when she said it was a quarter. There were 4 boxes and i grabbed all four. and she threw in some Estee Lauder creme for free. I am a diabetic so I often look for supplies at yard sales I found some pickers to draw the blood for 50 cents for 300 of them still new in the box. The lady also had books for 1 cent a piece and rug doctor cleaner for 20 cents a piece never used. I went to an estate sale and bought a big bottle of Murphy's oil soap for 50 cents that still had the price tag on it for $4.00 dollars a bottle just a small amount had been used. I love the smell of that soap when i clean and it can be expensive in the stores. I snagged some herbal soaps for 25 cents a piece and a lotion gift set for 25 cents new never used. I like buying lotions at yard sales that way you can get some expensive brands to use for a fraction of the cost. i got some face wash i like Clinique and Lancome products and i ended up with some for a quarter. The face wash makes your skin so smooth way better then any soap product i have ever used.  I love yard sales and i will be sad to see them go as the weather is getting colder. Then it will be back to the thrift stores for bargain hunting. Now i am in the process of trying to winterize a mobile home. So I will be going over to the thrift store by were we live to look at what they have in stock. The salvation army is the cheapest but i like the value worlds too. Thrift stores are great for the many items you can get on the cheap side. I found a family doctor on the cheap side with office visits for $20.00 i am happy and he informed me that i can get my sugar pills at meijer's for free with a prescription. I was happy to hear that because i am on a tight budget and free is the best way to go any day.

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